The SLANSW Magazine

The Association's Publications are digitially archived from 2007 to the present. The Magazine is delivered quarterly.

Each issue has articles on Professional Learning, Advocacy issues and Research.

A feature article is available to the general public from each issue here. To access the full Magazine, login to the Members only pages.

You are welcome to contribute to the magazine at any time. Our editorial guidelines accept contributions from 500-3000 words.

APA style for references. Regional news and practical ideas are particularly welcome.


Feature articles from the SLANSW archive



Feature articles from Words.

Issue 1 Autumn    
Issue 2 Winter    
Issue 3 Spring    
Issue 4 Summer    



 Feature articles from iLeader

Issue 1  Autumn   Paul Collins: Reading into the Future
Issue 2  Winter   The Community Snapshots Project 
Issue 3  Spring    Martin Gray: The safe haven of the library
Issue 4 Special Edition    


Issue 1  Autumn   Power of Story
Issue 2  Winter   Healthy Glia, Literate you! and
Issue 2  Winter   Teach like your hair's on fire 
Issue 3  Spring   Engaging students with modern technology
Issue 4  Summer   Access>FVR>Literacy and
Issue 4  Summer   Action research: a personal reflection of change 


2007 - 2011 Feature articles from info@aslaNSW


Issue 1 Autumn   School Libraries - into the marginalised zone 
Issue 2 Winter    Time.. for a strong coalition
Issue 3 Spring   Work, rest and play in an anytime, anywhere century
Issue 4 Summer

  Time to read..a good Vook!


Issue 1 Autumn   The writer speaks - author visits
Issue 2 Winter    Different times - different texts 
Issue 3 Spring    Critical thinking - video games 
Issue 4 Summer
  Kids' Lit Quiz 


Issue 1 Autumn    You saw the movie trailer - now see the booktrailer 
Issue 2 Winter    The what, why and how of advocacy 
Issue 3 Spring    AIS school based action learning: Pedagogy 
Issue 4 Summer
  Queer reading for school libraries 


Issue 1 Autumn    Student designed rubric for purposeful assessments 
Issue 2 Winter    Managing decisions: Listen to the crowd 
Issue 3 Spring   So gross! So feral! So sick! So feisty! So Mawter! 
Issue 4 Summer

  Holy Toledo! Ms Devine 


Issue 1 Autumn   Managing change 
Issue 2 Winter    Plug-in and listen to learn 
Issue 3 Spring   Web 2.0 - What's going on? 
Issue 4 Summer

  With or without leave - setting up for research